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Welcome to the Roleplay Craft Wiki!

Roleplay Craft is a Minecraft SMP server with a roleplay theme. Renowned for a fun community and helpful staff , Roleplay Craft has a system of races and ranks , a system which you can progress through and rank up in over time. Plugins such as Anticheat and Worldguard ensure that your builds stay safe, while others like Multiverse and MCMMO let you enjoy Minecraft at a new level! Recently, Roleplay Craft (Abbreviated RPC) has been branching out into other games, such as ArcheAge, Guildwars, World of Warcraft, and a few others.

What is this for?

This Wiki is intended to complement our forums . If you have any questions, feel welcome to post them there, or check out our website for more information.

This wiki will contain information about a wealth of topics, so use this to learn about our system, world, and community. Use the forums to get your hands dirty and join in with us on our server!

Can I edit it?

Sure! We'd love for the community to get stuck in. We can't build this by ourselves!

There are a few guidelines, though:

1) No grifing (Don't deliberately ruin pages)

2) Keep it clean, informative, and legible. Add some fun stuff, but try to limit the "herp! derp! pootis!" to a minimum.

3) Use the obvious name for links. When creating links, add as many of them as you can to the page, so that the text connects pages together, but if you're writing a link to "Villager Applications", for example, then don't name the page "Application for Villager". There has to be a standard naming system.

Go get 'em! We can see histories of edits 'n all, so don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance.

Main Topics

Roleplay History
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